What does it mean to be a Seraphine Girl?

Seraphine was my great-great grandmother's name and in Hebrew it has two significant meanings. When I started The Seraphine Project, I felt a strong connection between my middle name and the mission of helping empower girls to build a brighter future.

Definition(s) of Seraphine: 

LITERALLY     -     Fiery Ones

FIGURATIVELY     -      Angels of Light

To me, being a Seraphine girl applies equally to a girl we are supporting AND a girl who takes action to support those in need. Being a "fiery one" or an "angel of light" means that you stand up for yourself, are proud of yourself, and care about other girls. You are confident, kind, caring, and most importantly, look out for others. I think that The Seraphine Project is truly about creating "Seraphine Girls" all around the world!