In January 2017, I was introduced to Global Sojourns Giving Circle, an amazing organization dedicated to helping at-risk teenage girls in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

I was looking for a way to help other girls and felt immediately I could make a difference. I created The Seraphine Project to experience what it means to be a hands-on leader of an important cause - including raising awareness, fundraising, and inspiring others to get engaged.


Our Mission

The Seraphine Project Supports Global Sojourns Giving Circle (GSGC) in empowering young women living in both urban and rural areas of Zimbabwe and Zambia. These girls live highly at-risk lives, including having to deal with issues of child abuse, rape, lack of a mother/father, little basic support for health and feminine hygiene, and few, if any, strong adult role models. The Seraphine Project helps these girls by helping fund clubs led by "aunties."  

Clubs are after-school and weekend support programs that provide a safe environment for girls to discuss all the serious issues they face on a daily basis. The girls learn from each other and engage in activities that help them build self esteem and confidence. Without the clubs, there isn't another avenue for the girls to get the support they need and deserve.

"Aunties" are strong female role models who run the clubs, get to know the girls at a very deep and trusting level, and take the time to truly understand the unique family and personal struggles faced by each girl. They are passionate about mentoring all of the girls and helping them achieve long term personal, educational and career goals. Without the support of dedicated Aunties, these girls are less likely to get the help they need to finish their schooling and avoid pitfalls such as teen pregnancy or worse.

Today, there are 18 clubs serving more than 300 girls. These clubs do so much more than just help these girls. Each club creates a second family and huge support system with friends who can relate to the hardships face. Please join us in helping make a difference for not only these gifted girls, but their whole community. 

The name Seraphine means “fiery ones” or “angels of light.” I see myself as a Seraphine Girl and I want to inspire the girls in Zimbabwe and Zambia to feel the same way.
— Emily Seraphine Bronstein