Current Pen-Pals


Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for being a part of the pen pal program. There are a few updates that I have to share will ya’ll today…

  1. Many of you have sent letters over to your pen pal via mail, which is incredible, thank you! Unfortunately, none of those letters have arrived, so we are going to be using a different system from now on. Read more about the new system here

  2. Whether you have written a letter to your pen pal or not, I am asking all of you to send me 1 letter by September 30th, and I am going to send all of those letters over to Africa with a traveler. Then, within the next few weeks, you will be getting a letter back from your pen pal!

  3. Lastly, from now on you will be sending your letters to me, and I will be sending them over with someone who is traveling.




Next steps: