Spreading the Word!

How can YOU spread the word about The Seraphine Project? 

All support comes in so many ways. One huge way to show support is through awareness. The more people learn about what is going on in our amazing world, the more they will want to make a difference and help out. Below are some different ways that you can raise awareness for these amazing girls that GSGC and The Seraphine Project work with. 

1) Picture perfect 

Who doesn't love getting connected through actually seeing the work we do? Show your friends and family our photo gallery and tell them about our work! 

2) Word of mouth

One of the best ways you can spread the word is sharing our story by word of mouth. You can tell the whole story yourself, and get other people inspired to share as well! Steps for sharing:

  1. Speak about the clubs and "aunties"
  2. Tell about the background of the girls we work with
  3. Ask if they have questions and answer them as best you can

Of course, you can share about anything that has to do with the project that you are passionate about, too!

3) Referals

If your not quite as confident or comfortable sharing yourself, you are more than welcome to give them our information found on the "contacts" page, and have them reach out to us to learn more. Also, if you give us information of someone you think may be interested in learning more, we would love to reach out to them!