Hi y'all! I am so excited to finally have this website up and running. Ever since I started The Seraphine Project in honor of my Bat Mitzvah over a year ago, this has been a goal of mine. This website is meant to be a hub for my project in order to find updates, learn more, and see some of the change happening. 

I wanted to kick off the website with an extremely inspirational video. I think it truly captures the mission of The Seraphine Project. 

The video below was taken during the time my family spent in Africa this past November. We had the pleasure of meeting with a couple different clubs. This club, Girls Time, is truly a special group of girls. I developed a really strong relationship with them during my time visiting. Every month or so, Smokey, one of GSGC's main leaders, organizes a Skype call with the girls and me. Usually, because of the time change I am on my way to school during this call. It always is the highlight if my week to get to talk to my best friends across the globe.  

Now back to the video: the friends I just wrote about are the ones singing. Believe it or not, they wrote the song themselves. It's pretty amazing!! 

Stay tuned for updates. I am hoping to post periodically! Thanks to everyone as always for your support - it means the world to me!!

Please see the video below. 

Love, Emily